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Product Development Consulting

Get It Developed

Focused on the St. Louis Area, MKG offer product development consulting to inventors and companies big and small. A great product idea is just the beginning.  The product development process can be a tricky and sometimes confusing part of going to market.  MKG can help you get it commercially ready the right way.   Where to manufacture?  How much should it cost?  What features does it need to be competitive?  How should it be packaged?   These are just a fraction of the many considerations in any product development venture.   If you are a small business looking to expand your product line, you already know this and maybe you just need some extra product development help for a short time.   MKG is the answer.  We will work with you, to understand what your goals are, and develop a big picture development strategy.  Then we’ll help define the scope of the project, and work with your team to deliver.   Don’t have a team?  No worries, we can hit the ground running, bring in the right resources and deliver.  Along the way, we’ll help you build a healthy supply chain, put some tools and procedures in place to keep things going smooth, and ensure that you are successful even after MKG wraps up the project.

It all starts and ends with product development – the right product done the right way is the single most important thing you can do for your product business.  You have everything to gain – the world is yours. Let us help you get it!

Our product development consulting packages range from hourly appointments, to long term contracts.  Reach out if you are interested and we can work with you and your budget to find the right fit.