Industry Insights: Packaging and Merchandising for Inventors


We know product marketing

When it comes to getting your product on the market details matter, and each customer has it’s own unique way of buying and selling.  They have their own margin requirements and they have merchandising nuances.   Do you even know which buyer to go to?   That’s what product marketing is all about.   Let us help you do the research and preparation necessary to make that first meeting a huge success.  After all, sometimes one meeting is all you get – so be ready for it.

Our industry experience gives us the ability to navigate the market, and help you find new business.  Let us help you reach the biggest buyers in the industry!  Not only can we get in touch with the right people, but we can make sure you have the right products, at the right price.     We design and coordinate trade shows, and can represent you at all the biggest events.    With graphic design experience in-house, we’ll get your catalog looking great and make sure your sales materials are ready to impress. Product marketing is a big deal, and doing it right the first time can mean the difference between failure and success.

We know the marketplace

We’ve worked with big and small retailers, both brick and mortar, and eCommerce.   Be ready for that one meeting by calling on our experience to make sure  you are prepared.   Let us guide your strategy, presentation and follow through.  Here are just some of the folks we have dealt with: