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We Are MKG

Welcome.  MKG is a product development and marketing consulting  agency based in Saint Louis Missouri.    We offer a range of services to inventors and small businesses, aimed at helping to get top quality consumer packaged goods into the marketplace from product development, product design, supply chain and manufacturing to sales and marketing, account management and customer service.  As one of the few truly CPG focused consulting groups in St. Louis,  we are better prepared to handle new product development, innovation and commercialization.

A typical client for MKG could be an inventor with a great product idea who just needs help getting through the prototype and development phase.  Another example is a small business that has a foothold in the marketplace, but not enough resources to capitalize on every market opportunity.   MKG can be the solution to scaling your business dynamically so you can strike when the market is hot.   Yet another example of an MKG client is an upstart e-commerce business looking for help in streamlining their supply chain, or a well established e-commerce business looking to start their own private brand.

With a decade of experience working with some of the worlds biggest brands, and an extensive network of designers and manufacturers, MKG can help you with one small piece of your business, or offer a full turnkey service from A-Z for your product line.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out for more information.


People that trust us.

We’ve been hired by big companies, small companies, factories across the world and inventors hungry for success.  Why?  Trust, communication and RESULTS.


The team at one of Jarden’s many business units were up against a very short timeline for some exciting new product releases.  They asked us to help expedite the product development process, and in the process we found cost savings, new feature ideas and brought several new product ideas to the table, enhancing the product line margin and re-energizing the sales force with new products to bring to market.


Huzhou Four Friends Articles for Tourism LTD, located in Huzhou China, asked us to research some key market categories and recommend new product’s to expand into while considering their core manufacturing capabilities.   We attended the biggest trade events in the world across several product categories, and introduced the factory sales team to several new qualified buyers.   To go one step further, we developed a brand new product for one of these new customers, increasing revenue opportunities for both parties.   Sweet.


Talus, makers of some well known and highly distributed automotive accessory and travel gear, are breaking out into a new category of product development – but didn’t quite have the right supply chain connections to get it manufactured.  MKG partnered with Talus to help bring a new product idea through prototyping and into reality.